About Us

Madison Area Business Consultants is a professional association of independent business consultants located in Madison, Wisconsin. Our members serve the diverse needs of local, regional and national clients.

Founded in 1987, the association provides members with opportunities for education, networking and collaboration to aid in providing high quality consulting services to clients.

Meeting Information

Madison Area Business Consultants meets on the second Thursday of every month, from 8:30 to 10:00 A.M. at the MG&E Innovation Center, 510 Charmany Drive in Madison. This building is in the University Research Park west of Whitney Way, between Mineral Point Road and Tokay Boulevard. We meet in room 50, which is on the lower level at the east end of the building.

Occasionally, our meeting date is changed due to a room conflict, so we advise checking the Meeting Information section of the website for current information.

Our meetings typically have 3 parts:

  • Member introductions: Members introduce themselves and briefly explain the consulting services they provide. This helps new members, and those who cannot attend regularly, to know who is in the group. It also provides an opportunity for consultants to network with each other, build relationships, and share experiences.
  • Member spotlight: Every meeting features a member who volunteers to share with the group a short explaination of his/her background and an in-depth description of services provided. This helps members to get to know each other, and is especially helpful to new members just entering the consulting field.
  • Program: Programs focus on improving consulting skills. Topics have included managing a consulting practice, marketing your services, preparing proposals, tax and legal issues, billing and collections, helpful technology, and understanding and meeting client needs. Both members and guest speakers make presentations.

Membership is open to business consultants in the greater Madison area. Dues are $40 per year per person. There is a one-time $60 fee to fund website development, maintenance and improvement.

All members can have their own Business Web Page on the Madison Area Business Consultants website to explain who they are, the services they offer, and how they can be contacted.

Questions about Madison Area Business Consultants can be directed to: Scott Dicks or Kathy Watson


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