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Robert Merrill


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608-692-2638 (mobile)


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Software Shouldn't Be Scary(c)

Whether you're buying software or making software, you should be excited about the potential of this new business asset. You shouldn’t have to be

  • Anxious about how much it will cost,
  • Afraid of how long it will take,
  • Worried about whether it will be worth it, or
  • Stressed about balancing your project and your life.


Software Selection
Lead your management team to the best combination of vendor, licensed or as-a-service software, and technical assistance for you, using a proven, repeatable Tall Nails© process

Agile Adoption
Coach your project teams—business and technology people—how to work together in new ways to get the most value from software development with the least drama, using real-world-proven-and-I-can-explain-why Agile practices

Project Set-Up
Support sound business and technology project decisions through fast, structured, facilitated software requirements workshops, expert requirements and change-footprint analysis, and fact-based cost and schedule estimation

Specialty Technical Services
Deliver honest, thorough, and sound

  • Organizational assessments
  • Data analysis & conversions
  • Mathematical & statistical work, and/or
  • Finished small-project software

I’ve worked in many technologies--they change fast but the fundamentals change more slowly. And if I don't know it, I might know some people who do. I'm most current with WordPress Themes and Plugins and Microsoft Access, but I've also worked in Java, C, Fortran, XML, HTML, SQL, CSS, and JavaScript.


Background Information

10 years scientific software development and grant-writing experience

10 years business software development, proposal-writing,and technical sales experience

Independent software development and management consultant since 2007.

  • Proven solver of wicked problems
  • Teacher and mentor at heart--makes others better
  • Systems thinker--not only does it work, you'll know why it works

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