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Scott Savage


  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Coaching & Personal Development

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583 D'Onofrio
Suite 202
Madison, WI 53719


608 215-4254


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There are some coaches think they know what you ought to do and who you ought to be. Others believe that the 'answer is within' you and will not give you advice or new skills to save your life.  I know there is a time and place for both, and make careful choices about which will help you at each point in the process.

I help leaders, their teams and organizations to become their best. With more than twenty years experience helping people and their organizations develop their capabilities, I offer experience with is both deep and broad.

Consulting solutions need to be customized to fit the culture of the indivdual leader and his/her organization.  Clients like that I don't sell a pat solution from a box, but listen carefully to determine their actual needs and develop a proper solution.


  1. Leadership Development through coaching and group programs.
  2. Communication enhancement for leaders and for their teams.
  3. Team Development to enhance decision making, synergy, mutal respect, morale and bottom line impact.
  4. Analysis and development of organizational cutlure to maximize performance and satisfaction.

Background Information

Scott holds the M.A. in Business Education and Professional Certificate in Training and Development in Business and Industry from the University of Minnesota.

He is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin School of Business and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Department of Continuing Education where he teaches leadership programs.

Scott brings indepth knowledge of personalities, is an advanced user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, and other self-assessment tools.  He also has rich experience and background working with cultural diversity.  He utilzes the Denison Organizational Culture Survey and Kenexa Cultural Insight to help organizations develop a profitable and sustainable business culture.


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