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Bryan R. Alexander


  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Engineering & Manufacturing Support

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  • Holistic...Multi-Dimensional...Business Efficiency...
  • Cut Labor Costs...Eliminate Waste...
  • Cut Manufacturing...Production...Service...Transaction Time...
  • Protect...Conserve...Save...Resources...Knowledge...Expertise...
  • Business Renewal...Turn-Around Management...
  • Business Engineering...Re-Engineering...Building Business Process Support...


  • Encourage and maintain a stakeholder empathic focus.
  • Fill business tech savvy talent gap.
  • Increase multi-disciplined strategic, tactical, and logistical experience and knowledge ahead of business, technological and cultural progress curves.
  • Understand how it works - recognize when things go wrong - when it breaks identify correct questions to ask - determine all situations - develop alternatives and options - create solutions - design it - make it - fix it - maintain it - manage it -  keep it running.
  • Advance an interactive team approach that helps members to construct a unified synchronous understanding of the "Big Picture" aligned with all of its infinitesimal complexities.
  • Promote a structured multi-disciplined research, learning, analytical, creative, ideation, futuristic methodology that leads to strategic, tactical, and logistical alternatives and options that create corporation business scalable solutions.
  • Monitor global trends and develop turn-around management strategies and practices to improve client's productivity that create products and services.


Business Analysis Reengineering

  • Turn-Around Management
  • Crisis, Intervention & Interim Management
  • Business Start-Up
  • Business Development Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Quality & Performance Management
  • Systems & Applications Development Management
  • Process & Operations Management
  • Vendor & Contract Management
  • Organizational & Administrative Management
  • Courseware & Training Development Management
  • Seminars, Presentations, Public Speaking, Lectures
  • Expert Witness

Background Information

Mr. Alexander - interdisciplinary strategic, tactical, logistical multi-disciplinary hands-on results oriented innovative visionary "C" Level Senior Executive. He manages a wide range of manufacturing, retail, service and transactional industries leading programs, projects and teams from the boiler-room to the boardroom. During his career planned, mapped and developed, deployed, implemented and managed Business Development Strategies businesses from entrepreneurial start-ups to "Fortune 50" in 104+ industries.

Citigroup - one of the world's largest banking, insurance, financial and investment businesses he served as Vice President working for Citicorp Global Technology Infrastructure in the following disciplines: Systems, Operations, Business Re-Engineering, Architecture, Analysis, Performance, Measurements, Process, Project, Program and Vendor Management.

Served as an interim turnaround executive to numerous global corporations reorganizing, systems personnel, operations, performance, quality, architecture and infrastructure.

Project Management (Engineering Degree) - Motorola Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Continuous Improvement, Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5, Project Negotiations, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management, Design Correlations, Activities Based Costing/Management, Vendor Management.

Successfully led 350+ international technological projects and programs with budgets up to $160,000,000 to completion.  Groups comprised of 5 direct reports, 40 staff, 30 project reports, $15,000,000 business unit budget matrix, managed 300 to 3,500 global employees. Sign Authority: $5,000,000.

C - Level Senior Executive business analyst and project / program tech savvy turn-around, efficiency, business operations, systems and process engineering and reengineering manager that welcome challenges consulting with, and advising distressed companies, businesses with declining sales or stagnant growth, deteriorating performance, poor quality, entrepreneurial start-ups desiring correct organizational set-up, or successful firms up to the “Fortune 50” wanting to make improvements to facilitate better use of resources, money, energy, time and improve business relationships that will lead to greater Return-On-Investment.

I have learned during my 40+ years in business based on advising, 93+ clients and 104+ vertical markets it has been my conclusion that all “Companies” have basic core components that are nearly identical in model, experience, skills sets, disciplines, business units, functions, workflows, requirements, procedures, processes, characteristics, structures, issues, pitfalls, risks, successes, failures, liabilities and benefits.

In addition, I recognize and account for the differentials; those being, unique items, nuances and facets that are specific to only that company’s functions, processes, interactions, behaviors, requirements and markets that are a part of that Company’s delivery of products or services to their customers.

In closing, based on years of experience and client relationships my service offerings were selected to specifically address the focus on the core “Company” model for success and to give clients a sense of the depth, scope, and range of my experience, knowledge, skill sets and wisdom.

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