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Mead Consulting, Inc. offers a wide selection of human resource services to companies who know the value of strengthening their workforce. We partner with your company’s management team and play a quantifiable role in enabling your company to accomplish your business objectives. We will partner with you to define your needs and customize an approach specific to you and your organization.


Small companies reach out to Mead Consulting because they have not yet grown to the size where it makes sense to invest in a dedicated HR professional. Even so, those companies have HR related needs and the desire to hire, train and retain quality employees. We assist those companies by performing the activities an HR professional would perform – allowing company leaders to stay focused on growth strategies and financial objectives. Time spent on researching HR topics, handling daily HR issues, or administering HR policies and benefits is time NOT spent on growing customer relationships or advancing your organization’s strategic initiatives. With Mead Consulting as your HR business partner, you’ll have a cost effective way to apply HR expertise to the HR challenges you face daily, and your company leadership will stay focused on your business.

Training and development is another reason companies reach out to Mead Consulting – whether the need is to strengthen soft skills such as time management or communication, or to help design technical training programs to be delivered by in-house experts, we can provide the services to meet those needs

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Jennifer A. Mead, PHR owns and operates Mead Consulting, Inc. Jennifer has more than 15 years of diverse business experience in both large and small companies. Her expertise includes human resources management, customer service management, and process improvement. She now shares her experience and expertise with companies that are focused on business success and understand the value of applying specific expertise to specific challenges.

Jennifer holds a Masters of Science in Management from Cardinal Stritch University and Bachelor of Arts degree in human resource management from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources Management by the Human Resources Certification Institute

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