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Moynihan Consulting excels in developing and executing human resources strategies in organizations including start-ups, high technology, biotechnology, and family-owned organizations.  We have a proven track record of building human resource infrastructure and processes.

 We can operate as your full-scale Human Resource Partner or we can work on a project or case-by-case basis.  Whatever your needs, we are here to assist you!

Human Capitol is your most important asset.  We believe that the quality of your employees can be improved by investing in them.  Through proven process, behavioral based interview questions, and specific onboarding practices we bring the right employees into your door and help you keep them there.   We firmly believe that merging your business strategy with your Human Resource function can positively affect your bottom line. 

Here is an example of the services we offer:

  • Employee Relations (i.e. Increase Retention, Operational Effectiveness, Employee Engagement Strategies, Employee Survey Implementation and Analysis)
  • Human Capitol Planning
  • Department Design and Implementation
  • Executive, Managerial and Staff Recruitment
  • Succession Planning
  • Problem Resolution
  • Benefits and Compensation Development
  • Policy and Proceedure Development and Implementation
  • Service as a Strategic Business Partner

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Human Resources Partner 

A functioning Human Resource department is essential to growth of your organization and the engagement of your employees.  For small to mid-sized organizations this can be expensive.  Hiring us to oversee this function brings specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost.  We offer an expansive knowledge base, objectivity, new ideas, and fresh perspective.

Here are some of the things you can expect from us as your full Human Resource Partner:

• Development of Strategic Vision
• Identification of Resources and Needs
• Recruitment Process
• Development of Job Descriptions
• Position Postings
• Behavioral Based Interview Questions
• Phone Screening
• In-Person Interviews
• Reference Checks
• Background Checks
• Assistance With Offer of Employment Development
• Competitive Local Industry Compensation Practices
• Onboarding
• Define the Culture of the Organization to the New Employee
• Handbook
• Orientation
• Employee Engagement and Development
• Performance Management
• Ending of Employment
• Maintaining Compliance

Engaging us to assist you with the above allows you to focus on the things you do best.  We act as your trusted partner handling all items HR related.  We will gladly supply you with references upon request.

Background Information

Lori Moynihan has over twenty years of experience building diverse organizations.  Her progressive human resource experience encompasses recruiting, compensation, benefits, employee relations, performance management, and cultural development.  Lori interacts effectively with all levels within the organization.  She seeks to understand not just business strategy but the culture and personality of the business, in doing this she accurately recruits the right fit for any given position.   This approach has built for her a track record of proven abilities in restructuring, strategic planning, and improving team effectiveness in rapidly growing and changing environments.  She seeks to help small to mid size companies grow while maintaining the personality within.

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