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Laura Voll


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As a business leader you understand the importance of having good solid information on which to base decisions. Often that outside perspective is required to help you see the business from a higher level. Make sure you are positioned to take advantage of market conditions, and that you are making the most of your core strengths is critical to growing your business in the most profitable way possible.

Galloping Lane Marketing will help you to devise an objective business and marketing plan, and also help you implement and measure the tactics that will get you where you want to go. Through facilitated planning processes based on proven marketing principles you will learn to evaluate market trends, position your company for success and maximize your marketing investment.

In the Galloping Lane you increase speed with rhythm, direction and purpose. Let your business run in the Galloping Lane!


Strategic Business Plans
The most effective businesses have a plan that is based on their unique place in the market. A Strategic Business Plan is instrumental in identifying current business conditions, key strategies for success and building teams to implement key tactics.

Strategic Marketing Plans
A step-by-step process that leads you through a current business review, identification of issues and opportunities, development of branding/messaging, identification of goals and objectives, development of tactical plan and measures to track and improve your progress

Walk through a carefully crafted program to identify your unique place in the market. Focus on target markets, customer needs and how you hold a unique place in the market. Use this information to develop logos, graphics and images that effectively communicate your business message.

Business Coaching
Professional business advising and coaching on any topics that is important to you. One-on-one or team meetings that identify key issues and evaluate course of action.

Market Research
Good information makes for good decisions. Before you make a key decision make sure you have all the facts. Good market research will ensure you have the facts when faced with tough decisions.

Website Planning and Implementation
Before you design a website make sure you have a plan that outlines your key messages, customer needs and expectations. With a solid plan in hand the design and implementation of the website is more efficient and effective.

Marketing Audit (Assessment)
How effective is your marketing? Use the Marketing Audit to find out! This is a great tool for identifying the marketing elements that can have an impact on your business right away.

Laura is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She has presentations available on a variety of topics. Consider calling when you need a speaker for your next meeting!

Background Information

Laura Voll is the founder and owner of Galloping Lane Marketing, a business and marketing consulting firm. Laura has proven herself a valuable resource for helping companies achieve their growth and strategic goals.

Before starting her own consulting practice Laura was a Strategic Business and Growth Consultant for the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Business Manager for the GSI brand of VIASYS Healthcare and the Director of Marketing at Phonak Hearing Systems.

Laura earned her B.A. at the University of Iowa, M.S. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University.

The name Galloping Lane Marketing comes from Laura's passion for horses. As a long-time rider and competitor, she understands how important it is to have direction, purpose and momentum. It is the power of the Galloping Lane that she brings to her clients, helping them grow their business with purpose and direction. Run your business in the Galloping Lane!

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