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Peter Gascoyne


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Economic Modeling Solutions is a private consulting firm, run by Peter Gascoyne, with over 20 years experience in economic modeling, forecasting, and analysis.


Economic Modeling Solutions helps clients by providing the following kinds of services: Develop analytical models that clarify historical understanding and future expectations regarding key measures of your organization (e.g. revenues, costs, etc.). Establish in-house capability for your own staff to maintain and update models. Deliver innovative and imaginative perspectives and methodologies to solve your problems, by drawing upon a deep breadth of experience and expertise. Provide objectivity.

Background Information

Economic Modeling Solutions has performed a wide range of projects for Fortune 500 firms, and other organizations. Past projects have included:

· For a wireless provider, created and implemented detailed models comprising the entire enterprise to forecast subscribers, revenues, and profits. Work also included estimating the price elasticity for discounted cell phones.

· For an elementary school, developed a five-year forecasting model to help ensure long-term economic viability. The model was also described in a presentation on forecasting school financials at a conference in California.

· For an auto manufacturer, redesigned and maintained an extensive cost forecasting model that consistently projected annual expenses totaling over $1 billion, within 1-2% accuracy.

· For a medium-sized chemical company, developed a 5-year forecasting model to project revenues, costs, and profitability. The model captured growth expectations for each of the company’s major end-market sectors, and how that growth would affect the business financials. The work also involved a demographic analysis examining projected trends in the age distribution of U.S. population, and how those would influence demand and growth in certain segments of the economy.

· For a large telecommunications firm, developed and implemented detailed models to project and validate reported revenues. The models successfully demonstrated the reliability of a large internal revenue tracking system, and provided an extremely useful forecasting mechanism for two other major telecommunications firms.

· Prepared expert witness testimony in a dispute concerning potential sales at a department store destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. The analysis required forecasting lost sales for the damaged store, and for other area retailers, using the more difficult assumption that the hurricane occurred but no area store suffered any damage.

· For a major bank, produced a pricing model for a range of consumer loan products. The model enabled the bank to adjust the price for a wide range of variables, including different assumptions for geographic region, credit risk, and profitability goals. The analysis included activity-based costing of the expenses incurred to deliver those products. Also developed models to estimate profitability of marketing campaigns.

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