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Jennifer Wilson


  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Coaching & Personal Development

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New Leaf Coaching & Consulting provides organizational development, teambuilding, facilitation and coaching.

I work with nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions to develop shared leadership, authentic teamwork, open communication, and a “direct, honest, and kind” culture. 

I listen deeply to my clients’ needs, creating custom plans and solutions with them as partners rather than fitting clients into a pre-packaged program.  I value diversity and seek to develop ongoing, trusting relationships. I am also available for workshops, retreats, and other kinds of training.


Organizational and Team Development

I help teams look at how power, communication, cooperation, and information are shared within flexible and fluid relationships that adapt to changing conditions. This is very different than simply getting people in separate boxes on the organizational chart to like each other.  

A direct, honest and kind environment where people share information, invite collaboration, and have authority keeps organizations from becoming mired in policy and bureaucracy.


My role as a facilitator is to allow creativity, vision, respect, deep listening, innovation, risk-taking, and honesty to flourish within an effective process.  A professional facilitator is there to uphold the process, not a position.

Even if you have a talented facilitator as your leader or part of the team, there are times when you want that person to be able to join the process rather than lead it. Or, you may recognize that facilitation skill is a gap on your team.  Whatever the reason, hiring a professional facilitator makes sense from an organizational perspective. 

Chronically poor meetings are terribly expensive in terms of:

  • Lost wages for each “wasted” meeting hour
  • Productivity and lost opportunties
  • Low morale and disengaged employees
  • Staff turnover – loss of experience, recruiting, hiring, and training are costly


For managers, leaders, teams, individuals, work groups - everyone benefits when people have the opportunity to:

  • Work and live according to their values
  • Be self-honest about what they need to change or what holds them back
  • Take focused and intentional action to create beneficial change
  • Expand satisfaction, success and confidence

Immunity-to-Change: Harvard University's premiere personal and organizational change process

I was trained by Dr. Kegan and Dr. Lahey at Harvard to facilitate Immunity-to-Change experiences for teams and individuals.  If your organization has invested considerable resources in professional development without seeing real and lasting change, this process can illuminate the problem and path to real change.  It goes beyond where most profesisonal devleopment stops.


I provide training on a variety of topics such as:

  • Immunity-to-Change™ workshops
  • Shared leadership and decision-making
  • Positive organizational culture
  • Authentic communication
  • Mindfulness
  • Diversity and equity
  • Mission and Vision
  • Strategic planning
  • Experiential learning


Background Information

Jennifer Wilson, President and Founder of New Leaf Coaching and Consulting, has 25 years of experience working with people in a variety of settings, from the wilderness to Board rooms.  Jennifer founded New Leaf Coaching & Consulting in 2006 and has worked with over 50 businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions nationwide, including UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, REI, and Student Conservation Association.

Jennifer's formal training includes:

  • MA in Educational Psychology
  • NOLS Certified Outdoor Educator
  • Institute for Life Coaching Training graduate
  • Immunity-to-Change facilitator (Harvard University)

Her diverse experience ranges over several fields of expertise, from experiential education to online learning design, and she is comfortable in settings from Board rooms to correctional facilities.  Jennifer's strengths are her ability to listen deeply, develop trusting relationships, connect vision with practical implementation, and invite participation from all levels. 

Jennifer is an educator at heart who loves to teach and learn alongside her clients. She has taught as Adjunct Faculty at UW-Milwaukee and Cardinal Stritch University and provided thousands of hours of professional development across the country.


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