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Assist Finance & Accounting is one of the first firms specializing in financial recruiting, facilitating and supervising in finance and accounting in the cloud environment. We bridge the distance between the United States and Nepal by virtually bringing together employers in the U.S. and employees in Nepal. We recruit accounting staff, provide office facilities where staff can work, and supervise the staff. Employers hire our staff through our firm. Both staff and employer work in the cloud. Employees earn more and employers pay less.

We provide a full range of accounting assistance services, both to the higher level Chief Financial Officer and to the lower level Assistant Accountant. Our ideal client is the small or medium employer for whom a separate overseas outsourcing office is not economically feasible. We offer partial outsourcing versus full outsourcing.

Our financial services recruiter provides employers with highly skilled accounting and finance professionals, while assisting financial professionals with their career advancement.

We provide our staff with office facilities that have secured high speed internet, and amenities such as staff meeting rooms.

The recruited staff will be working during the employer’s normal business hours and will be supervised.

We provide the employer with a list of candidates for the required position. The employer makes the selection according to their exact needs, and then we make the hire for the employer. If the recruited staff is not satisfactory, he or she will be terminated and we will find a better match for the employer.

The recruited staff will work on-line using the employer’s accounting software, or may have direct access to the employer’s dedicated computer through cloud-based technology. Only the recruited staff will have access to the employer’s software and other information, and they will not share it with anyone, not even with their management.

This is a venture joining the United States and Nepal, managed by a team of qualified professional accountants dedicated to quality accountancy, and financial and advisory solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and technology to satisfy customer needs.

We create a bridge between employers and employees that generates both savings for employers and higher earnings for employees. Employers will pay drastically less for staff – less than 50 percent of what they would pay U.S.-based employees, and they will not have to pay benefits. The recruited staff in Nepal will still receive 50 percent more than the going rate in their country. When employees earn raises, most of the additional salary paid by the employer will go to the employee, with only a small portion going to management.

Assist Finance & Accounting helps Nepalese accountants and their families to stay and prosper in their own country, rather than having to migrate to developed countries to pursue a successful career.


• Financial recruiter in the cloud environment
• Recruit, facilitate, and supervise the staff
• Employees earn more and employers pay less
• Staff and employer work in the cloud environment

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Promotor Aek Kshatry, working for accounting for 20 years in overseas and 10 yeas in USA. He is Certied Public Accountant and Chartered Accountant.

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