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Anne Nowak


  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Human Resources

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The mission of Nowak Consulting is to increase the success of each organization by designing, implementing and improving systems. I bring over 20 years of proven ability to problem solve, collaborate, analyze and lead successful change efforts to each organization I work with.


  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Improvement


Nowak Consulting takes organizations from their current state to their desired state by applying systems thinking, behavioral sciences and values. Organizations in early stages of development or those experiencing changes to an existing system will benefit as I utilize Warner Burke’s Process Model, Action Research techniques and Change Management tools to best meet clients specific needs. I work with identified populations, front line workers, and management in addressing challenges, identifying needs, developing solutions and implementing plans. 


“Anne is personable and professional. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes and/or programs."

“By using Anne’s suggestions we will be able to save staff time while maintaining, and in some areas increasing, the effectiveness of our program.”

“Anne has excellent interpersonal skills with natural instincts making her a positive influence in facilitating change in an organization."



  • Development of change management plans including communication, coaching, training and resistance management plans and sponsor roadmaps.
  • Development of systems, methods and processes to increase success.
  • Standardization of planning, methods and processes to aide in management and system development.
  • Designing and implementing monitoring tools and processes.
  • Aligning tasks with desired outcomes to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Designing and using data collection methods and tools.
  • Analyzing existing systems, methods, and processes.
  • Identifying how and where improvements can be implemented.
  • Engaging identified populations, front line workers, managers and top level executives.

What I Deliver:

  • Improved project results and outcomes while meeting objectives.
  • Meeting and exceeding benefits realization.
  • Collection and analyzation of feedback; diagnosing gaps and identifying solutions.
  • Trainings for executives, managers, internal and external customers, and staff.
  • Effective solutions based on data and diagnosis.

Background Information

Skilled organization development professional with 20 years experience using systems thinking to design, organize, implement and streamline successful organization changes serving diverse populations. Proven ability to utilize data definition, collection and GAP analysis resulting in performance enhancing solutions. 

My accomplishments include:

  • Two National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Excellence for Program Development Awards.
  • Increasing efficiency of Dane County Humane Society volunteer training program by 30%, while reducing staff time by 50%. 
  • Improving employee relations by spearheading monthly communication sessions between administration and staff.
  • Increasing student engagement, benefit realization and sustainment at low-income, racially diverse metropolitan school.
  • Presenting workshops on teaching concepts for National Louis University M.Ed. program
  • Improving city recreational program efficiency by designing and implementing 10 new system-wide processes.
  • Increasing effectiveness rate of a United States Government department by 25% in first year of implementing changes, resulting in a five year effectiveness rate of 75%.
  • Developing and implementing methods and processes which improved management, employee development, monitoring systems, planning and procedures, and data collection analysis and usage.
  • Developing and providing trainings sessions for executives, partners and the general public

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