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Kathy Paulson


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Welcome to The Assistants’ Coach! My goal is to help achieve synergy between the executive's and the support team.

In today’s technology driven world, face-to-face communication, ethics related to confidentiality and creating a stable work environment through action related competencies remain critical to the success of the individual and the company.  Absence of these three major skills will create a lack of cohesiveness and a trustworthy environment. The solution lies in developing and reinforcing these foundational key competencies. The end result will be greater productivity, increased profitability and a valued gatekeeper in the workplace.

Contact me today to help you recognize your potential.

Call: 608-220-6918 between regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST


The Assistants’ Coach consults, teaches and develops world-class skills by developing and reinforcing the key components that exemplify what every executive looks for in its management support team. Every executive assistant and senior assistant is expected to maintain a high level of professionalism, which we help to develop and strengthen through the following key components:

  1) Communication – Formal language reintroduced
       a. Correct utilization of technology
       b. Listening vs. hearing skills
       c. Body language
  2) Confidentiality – Integrity and ethics
       a. Develop awareness in a social media driven society
       b. Understanding the risks related to a breach in confidentiality
  3) Competency – Beyond computer skills
       a. The assistant’s role and understanding it
       b. Reinforcing correct actions and demeanor
       c. Working with leadership to establish accountability
       d. Develop basic etiquette skills resulting in courteous and polite behavior
       e. Attitude development to keep a smile in the assistant’s voice
       f. Best practices defined to develop a higher level professionalism in communication, mannerisms and dress
       g. Understanding your boss and having a proactive approach
       h. Develop attitude change to break down barriers in resisting change

Background Information

The Assistants’ Coach LLC, founder and principal, Kathy Paulson has 23 years of experience working with executives, stakeholders and their customers. Managing, training and mentoring developed her skills and knowledge of proper communication, confidentiality and the competencies required to achieve world-class skills that exemplify a high level of professionalism.

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