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Robert Reuschlein


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4930 Ascot Lane
Madison, WI 53711


2306640 (mobile)

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I have reinvented macroeconomics and global warming in ways previously unimagined.

These two new theories offer unique insights into America's present condition, how we got there, and where the future is headed in terms of major events.  Empire theory adds sociology, history, and business occupations to a new science that goes beyond the current social science of economics.  Evaporation theory explains how the natural 54 year global warming cycle of coolings, warmings, and various natural disasters expands into economics, politics, and war.


Workshops of any length: daylong, morning, afternoon

Lectures to any audience.

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Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Edgewood College

Engineering degree, UW Madison, then MBA, Oregon State, and twenty years a Wisconsin CPA.

High level political party official in the eighties, on the electoral college ballot in 1984.

Taught my new theories of economics and the global warming cycle 1987 to 2004.

Earned my doctorate in 2009 with a dissertation on peace economics in Midwest peace studies programs


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