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Carol Goedken


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1305 Burning Wood Way
Madison, WI 53704


608-249-1031 (mobile)

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  • Are you launching a new product or business? 
  • Do you need to start-up or jump start your company identity or your marketing plan?
  • Do you know that you need to do “marketing”, but you are just not sure how to get started?



Action Marketing specializes in creating strategic and tactical marketing plans for start-up and emerging companies.

Start-up companies have great product ideas, but often need help bringing their product to market. To assist start-up and emerging companies with the launch of new products, Action Marketing offers a service called Smart Marketing…Profitable Marketing.

Smart Marketing…Profitable Marketing starts with a half-day marketing strategy session that provides a review of all the elements of a marketing plan, such as:

 Defining the features and benefits of a product
 Evaluating the competition
 Establishing who the target customer is
 Creating a name and branding identity
 Determining a sales and pricing strategy
 Exploring tactics like advertising, collateral, direct marketing, trade shows, and public relations.

At the end of this session, a company will have a good start on determining how to market their product or business. 

Action Marketing also offers continued services of assisting companies in executing their marketing plans by serving as a company's Marketing Director or Product Manager during the launch of a new product or service.



Background Information

Carol Goedken is the principal of Action Marketing and has over 25 years of experience launching new products at start-up companies. An expert in Product Management, Carol is skilled at multi-tasking and turning chaos into organization. She is an entrepreneurial spirit, a polished presenter and communicator, and has experience creating and executing dozens of marketing plans in a multitude of industries. Through working with both start-up and established companies, she knows how to manage costs within a small and frugal budget, as well as within a multi-million dollar budget.

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