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Madison, WI


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New World Strategies, LLC, is dedicated to helping people: Create Joy, Build Wealth, and Save Money with consulting services in:

*Feng Shui Clearing & Redesign;

*Real Estate Investment, Tenant Management & Restoration;

*International Telecom Brokerage.


Hi! My name is Beth Boeing. Welcome! There are many stories and video clips of completed projects on my New World Strategies, LLC, Facebook page, as well.  Linked In also has many of my articles, plus a great number of testimonials!


Thank you for visiting; I look forward to talking with you!


On the real estate side, I offer Feng Shui Staging, Clearing, Decluttering, Organizing and Redesign and Real Estate Investment, Tenant Management and Restoration consulting services that bring joy, build prosperity and equity, and help prioritize remodeling and restoration projects, as well.

In telecommunications, I not only Broker the following high-integrity alternative to expensive, advertising-laden services, to customers, individual and business, but, I coach those interested in how to capture the residual off of these services. In this Brokerage capacity, I represent a dedicated, personal service company.

Our service areas are:

  • Mobile - Cell (The 2 largest cell networks in the US),
  • Residential Landline and VOIP Phone Services (The Largest VOIP netork in the world),
  • Business VOIP and Landline Phone Services,
  • TV - Satellite (DISH and DIRECTV);
  • Credit Card Processing - Anovia Merchant Services,
  • Premium Computer Support (US Based Technical Suppport),
  • Home & Business Automation and Security Systems(ADT, VIVINT & a portable business option),
  • Solar (in Wisconsin and many other states. Gas & Electric (not in Wisconsin yet: talk with your legislators).

Here are some of my recent, success stories:

1)  Business Digital Phone Service with the World’s Largest VOIP Network:
Just finished revamping and updating Dane Buy Local’s office phone system:  trimmed out unnecessary lines; updated the phones to HD, which majorly improved sound quality and feature availability; and reduced their monthly bill from $110 to 50!  That’s $720 savings the 1st year, $1440 by the 2nd, $2160 by the 3rd……

2)  Transferring in Cell Phones under 3 of Our Nations’ Largest Networks:
Just transferred in 2 personal, out-of-contract cell phones for Colin, the Executive Director of Dane Buy Local:  same network, more data, no more contract, and reduced their bill from $150 to $100/mo!  That’s $600 savings in the 1st year, $1200 by the 2nd….  You get the drift?  Yes!  Business cell phone plans are available, as well, on the largest US network!

3) Fairly Common Cell Phone Story:
Jason had voice and text on his older, out-of-contract cell.  Working with me, he was able to get a newer, smart phone; save his phone number; stay on the same tower; add tons of data with no contract for $30 less/mo than his cost with his old, “unsmart” voice and text cell phone!!!  His cell bill is now about $360/yr less, that’s $720 by the 2nd year…., and he LOVES his newer phone and data plan!  

4)  I Hate This Bundle!

Many Telecom companies can actually use a sign-on bonus or bundle bonus as a hook, as well!  Be sure you know what the prices will be going into the second year of the contract!  Also, be aware of the step pricing increases that slowly accumulate after that!

Here’s a “Beth the Bundle Buster” Story!  Larry was an invalid and was paying $240/mo for bundled TV, Internet and 2 Landline Home Phone Services.  He didn’t want a cell phone, but, because of some interruptions in his bundled services, he also had a $25, 25 minute, cell phone plan (which usually had HUGE overages, when his regular service was interrupted!)

This was, all told, very costly! Working with me, he was able to save $958 the 1st year and $588 the 2nd by breaking his bundle, keeping his internet, switching his TV provider, switching his home phone provider, dropping his 25 min, limited cell phone, and adding a full service, voice cell!  SCORE!

5)  Credit Card Processing…or, I Can’t Tell What This Charge is For?
Here’s why a free, very quick request for an estimate might be worth your time!  Kate had been getting her Merchant Services through her bank for the past 20 years!  She has a nice, local, beauty parlor.  She was a dedicated client, until she learned how much they were overcharging her!  Now, she is saving $550/mo in credit card processing fees; that’s about a 55% savings from before!  She now keeps $6,600/yr … and, she has simpler, streamlined, state-of-the-art equipment with a company that also doesn’t charge HUGE overhead on new euipment!  Oh! They also trimmed her back from 2 to 1 machine! (She didn’t need the second machine; that was another $150 savings!) Last time I called, she was on vacation!  Go figure!  ;-)

Other quick credit card processing needs for those with online businesses or maybe a startup business, or those who want to offer online gift incentives, etc, etc!  Yes!  Worth a free, quick analysis!

6)  Dinosaur Lines.  ;-) 
Matt’s Car Service Station was paying an outrageous $300/mo for 2 landline, business phone lines WITH diminishing sound quality. (Note: many of the old phone land lines are not being kept up because of the newer digital, VOIP systems’ quality and more economical pricing!)  Through my help, they were able to keep their phone numbers, get updated National and International calling features and HD equipment with 3 active voice lines for $100/mo!  That’s a savings of $200/mo, $2400/yr, $4800/2 yrs….!  Where wouldn’t that make a difference?

7)  International Calling from Home and Many Other Possibilities:
Feel free to ask more questions, because I have a lot more information!

Background Information

I grew up learning about investing in real estate, vicariously through my Father, at first, with Sheriff Sales, Foreclosures, Land Contracts, Flips, Leverage, Restoration, name it, and I've probably experienced it!

Finally, in '73, I got my own, first, "real deal," a land contract, 2 flat with 6 quonset hut garages. This property, on the Near East side of Madison, had "Huge potential!" Which meant, in my Father's language: great income generator and in major need of improvements!

Ha! Yes it, approaching-century old, somewhat Victorian, had way-past soiled, 1940's gray wool carpet covering the beautiful oak floors on the main level; faded, peeling, flocked wallpaper majorly detracting from a beautiful, dark stained, winding, wood stairway up to the second flat; beautiful, original, French doors covered in contact paper; Pepto Bismol pink upper wall with glossy, black ceramic tile lower on bathroom walls; really slapped-together, old, inefficient, pillbox kitchen...get the picture?

Well, the short story on that...we lived in the main floor flat, while we rented the upper and 5 of the garages. It was a life in lesson in passive wealth principles, sweat equity and sound creativity that turned that property into doubling it's value in just 2 years! That was about $25,000 in '77 dollars...very motivating for a first go!

Done, for a while, but "bitten!" :-) In '01, I bought my second, two-flat. Shortly after that, my third...

In '02 I earned my licenses as a Realtor/Broker. Then on top of restoring and managing my own buildings, I started helping buyers and sellers. Buyers, some of whom wanted to start owning rental units (now have great, cash flow units in solid market areas because of my experience). I also helped many sellers stage their properties and/or make necessary and reasonable improvements to get the best price. (I had already been a long time student of Feng Shui before I earned by Realtor licenses, so I naturally started applying the principles with my seller's their great selling success!)

When the real estate market hit the ditch about 9 years ago, being buffered by my buildings, I aligned with ACN. It was a fantastic fit...helping customers save money (and coaching people who wanted their own business in) building residual wealth in telecommunications and essential services, such as: Cell, Home & Business Phones; Internet; TV; Home Automation & Business Security Systems; Gas & Electric; Premium Computer Support & Merchant Services/Credit Card Processing. ACN was and still is the best in integrity and service!

By "Bokering" for ACN, I bring clients directly to national and international companies, and, in many cases, save them money! To learn more about all of our services, please just message or call. (There are more Success Stories and training pieces posted within this Facebook page and/or you can visit me on Linked In, as well!)

Education:  Beyond the continuing school of life experience and 16 years as a Licensed Realtor/Broker in the State of Wisconsin, I hold a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Business Organization, Marketing and Public Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


You do have a choice every day! Do you allow a "Cash Drain," where you are actually spending your life working to pay bills? Or, are you building a "Cash Cow" that can help you to retie early, enjoy your life, pay for your children's college education, or in some other way, fulfill dreams that have been long pushed aside to "earn a living?"

Very best wishes!  



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