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Janet Nodorft, CWC, CWWS, MS is the founder and owner of Blue Jewel Coaching. She is an independent, professional consultant providing services to employers on workplace wellness and well-being. Blue Jewel's mission statement is to “Provide exceptional wellness and well-being services that are designed to improve employee health, enhance the culture, and improve business results.”

Janet is passionate about her journey as a professional in wellness and well-being. Her experience, knowledge, training, and ability to be agile with clients are reasons to take action and help your business become healthier, more successful, and be a wonderful place to work.  Janet also serves the community by volunteering, speaking at events, and staying active and healthy herself.      

Spiraling health care costs and unprecedented employee disengagement are only two of many key reasons to not only consider but implement a wellness program immediately. With the competitive global economy and critical talent shortage, what organization can afford to wait?


The services provided include:

  1. comprehensive workplace wellness program including assess, design, develop, implement and evaluate
  2. training, workshops, and speaking on a variety of health and well-being topics
  3. health coaching for groups and individuals  

These options are flexible so they will align with the culture and be customized to meet the particular business goals and the employees expectations. Employers will have better results when they target the audience and utilize employee preferences for all aspects of wellness and well-being.

Each business or organization has different expectations, therefore, careful attention is given to:

  • Level of commitment by managers, supervisors and employees
  • Amount of time allowed during working hours
  • Ability to track data to better analyze it and share successes, identify improvements, and plan next steps
  • Budget allocated for identified costs (and unexpected) costs 
  • Align employee health and organizational health
  • Priority areas to make improvements
  • Collaboration, fun, camaraderie, and the ability to enjoy work

A wellness program that aligns with core business strategic goals, the mission, and culture are most impacting, successful, and beneficial.  The organization will purposefully look at challenges and see positive changes in areas such as talent acquisition, employee retention, employee engagement, training and development, productivity, and healthcare costs.

Employers may potentially expect:

  1. lower health care costs,
  2. enhanced employee productivity,
  3. reduced absenteeism,
  4. decrease in injuries and illnesses,
  5. improved morale,
  6. improved recruitment and retention,
  7. increased commitment,
  8. a more engaged culture.

Employees may potentially expect:

  1. increased wellbeing and self-esteem,
  2. improved coping skills with stress,
  3. improved health,
  4. lower costs for acute health issues,
  5. lower out-of-pocket costs for health care,
  6. increased social support,
  7. more access to health promotion resources,
  8. improved job satisfaction,
  9. a more balanced home/work life
  10. more supportive work environment.

The results help both, are a win/win situation, and the organization has happier, healthier and more productive employees. 

Background Information

Janet has over 25 years of professional experience that includes wellness, organizational development, training, strategic planning, grant funding, program design and delivery, conducting workshops, speaking, and policy development. Her broad range of experiences has helped her to understand the complexities of effective wellness and well-being programs.      

Janet completed professional wellness training from the National Wellness Institute (NWI) and Wellcoaches. She has EAP training, CPR certification. and has a Master's Degree from UW-Madison in Continuing and Adult Education, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. 

She is active in the community including the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, Madison Area Business Consultants, American College of Sports Medicine, and the Greater Madison Area Society of Human Resource Management. She volunteers for several organizations.

In her free time she enjoys traveling around the U.S. and to Europe, hiking, biking, walking, volleyball, gardening, and helping others. She enjoys ice cream of any flavor and likes tasty food and yoga. Contact Janet today to get started with a free initial session to determine if your business will benefit from a wellness program. 

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