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Roger Wolkoff


  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Coaching & Personal Development

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7017 Dewdrop Drive
Madison, WI 53719-6244


6082795160 (mobile)

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I am passionate about helping you find and live your authenticity. I engage individuals, groups, and audiences using energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. I help leaders and organizations discover how authenticity improves communication, ups productivity, and positively influences culture. 



I help people tap into, develop, and enhance their authenticity.  I work with companies, associations, groups, and individuals to improve communications, drive results, and grow leadership, all to drive bottom-line results and personal development.

I deliver genuine content in meaningful and insightful ways.  My keynotes and breakout sessions are interactive and entertaining. I mix facts, stories, and humor to ensure that audiences walk away with immediate actions they can implement at work and in their lives.

Do you or cohorts struggle with your personal brand, management approach or style, or communication methods or techniques? Work with me as your personal coach to address core areas that will enhance your image, leadership, and communications.

Background Information

I am passionate about nurturing people and teams. I believe in helping people amplify who they are.

In every role I have had, it’s always been about people and relationships. Alone we can achieve, together we can excel.

My past career adventures include project management, business analysis, team building, leadership, marketing, technical support, training, and sales.

I have an MBA from Edgewood College, a Masters Certificate in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and a BA in Political Science from the University of Rochester.

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