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We think in generalities, but we live in detail.

- Alfred North Whitehead

We think of work as something that just is the way it is.  But the truth is, all of our work systems were designed at some point.  Decisions were made about what each job should be like, how much people should accomplish, and how/when they should accomplish it.

The truth is these work system design details impact the quality of our lives, our mental and physicial health, and how well we are able to make our contributions to some greater good. 

I'm a work systems engineer who was educated as an occupational stress researcher.  The good news is that we have decades worth of research evidence about what makes work healthy, meaningful and sustainably productive for people.  

What I *love* to do is help organizations put the research on work to work for themselves.  I love to see people benefitting directly from what we know about the design and leadership of health-promoting work systems.

What I do isn't workplace wellness, although we do share a commitment to employee wellbeing.  Healthy work systems complement and expand the impact of wellness programs, helping people focus on making their best contributions.





Educational Programs

What makes some work systems health-promoting and others draining?  Learn how work affects people - their health, motivation and performance.  Work can be designed to be envlivening and engaging.  Use the research evidence to enjoy a healthier and more productive working life, for your own sake and the sakes of those you love.    

Be Effective Leadership Series, customized for your organization or online, for individuals:


Organization Change Initiatives

Successful organization change requires expensive resources: time, specialized expertise, training and staffing. Most organization change initiatives are under-resourced, and therefore, unsucessful.

Our Great Work by Design change process is a partnership between our team of specialists and your leadership team.  We are your resources for change:  work systems education, executive coaching, group dynamics observation & feedback, communications, workflow engineering and program assessment expertise - all supporting your movement toward increased employee and organizational health. 


Key Words: organization change, change management, organization development, leadership development, organization health, occupational health, educational programs, employee wellness, engagement, motivation, healthcare reform, education reform, work system reform.

Background Information

Katherine Sanders has a BS, MS and PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She specializes in human factors and sociotechnical systems engineering, essentially the health and productivity of people at work.

Her academic work as an occupational stress researcher gave rise to a commitment to design programs and change initiatives to support professionals in living higher quality working lives.

Katherine's one of a small number of PhD work systems engineers focused on occupational health, and has a special interest in the well-being of professionals in high burnout occupations (e.g., physicians, teachers, public safety professionals, and leaders).

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