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Lisa Dugdale


  • Organizational Development & Planning
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Lisa Dugdale specializes in providing coaching, facilitation, and training for entrepreneurs, small businesses, Universities, and nonprofits.


Lisa offers leadership coaching and a variety of consulting and facilitation services.

Leadership Coaching Offerings

Coaching for individuals in organizations can be focused on a variety of goals:

  • Strengths Coaching: This coaching will help you know what your signature strengths are, develop a plan to use them more in their daily life, and know when you are overusing them (Coaching uses the VIA Character Strengths survey)
  • Vision Coaching: One of the most effective ways to move your life and organization forward is by developing an inspiring, intuitive vision. Coaching can help this process.
  • Open-ended Coaching: Coaching topics are often determined by specific challenges or decisions (organizational or personal) facing you or others being coached   
  • Intuitive Leadership Coaching: This coaching will help you learn new right-brain, intuitive, and strength-based leadership skills and techniques to use in your organization.   
  • New Position Coaching: This type of coaching helps a person in a new role or with new responsibilities better understand their strengths and blind spots, and have support in developing the skills and abilities needed for their new role.

Consulting, Training, and Facilitation

  • Group Process & Meeting Effectiveness. If your meetings aren't as effective or fun as they could be, or your group processes need refining, Lisa can help. She offers training on effective meetings, facilitation, and inclusive group decision making. Additionally, follow up consulting to observe groups in action and then coach the leaders and facilitators on making the meetings more effective can be very useful.
  • Facilitation. Lisa's facilitation approach is inclusive, participatory, and engaged. She has facilitated everything from strategic planning sessions to community work groups to planning meetings for Collaboratives. If your group would benefit from facilitation training, trainings from 1-3 hours can be offered.
  • Program Evaluation. Evaluation consulting is designed so that your organization can actively use the results to improve your program, report on outcomes to your board or funders, or better understand your impact on your clients. Lisa has extensive experience in both outcome and formative evaluation both qualitative and quantitative methods, including online and telephone surveys as well as case studies.


Background Information

Lisa Dugdale has Masters' Degrees in Social Work and Public Policy from the University of Michigan, and completed coach training with the Martha Beck Institute.

Throughout her career, she has helped nonprofits and Universities improve their programs and their organizations through utilization-focused evaluation research and organizational consulting. She has worked on a number of collective impact and community needs assessment processes, such as a Solar Plan for the City of Ann Arbor, a community needs assessment for Washtenaw County, and a Promise Neighborhood needs assessment for the city of River Rouge, MI.

For five years she founded and ran Think Local First, a nonprofit in Ann Arbor, MI, honing nonprofit management skills and working extensively with small locally owned businesses.

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