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Diana L. Howles, MA


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Diana L. Howles is an award-winning speaker, video presentation coach, trainer, and multimedia expert. She is results-driven and her company helps clients around the world be more successful leveraging multimedia in learning and communication solutions. She helps clients improve on-camera and video presentation skills for instructional videos, consults with clients on successful video production, and provides script writing and editing services. She is also a Keynote Speaker and presents frequently at conferences. Diana enjoys working with a variety of clientele, which has included corporate clients, the public sector, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.


Howles Associates excels by delivering a variety of multimeda communication solutions. They offer coaching, consulting, critiques, webinars and face-to-face workshops, on-camera/online video delivery, visual multimedia design, consulting, and best practice strategies for teaching and presenting virtually. Howles Associates' workshops use blended learning and are grounded in evidence-based research from the learning sciences. Howles Associates' goal is to help clients be successful using multimedia in their learning solutions to develop organizational talent.


On-camera Video Presentation Competency:

- Virtual or in-person Video Coaching, Critiques of Videos, Web Conferencing Workshop Package on Video, and In-person Workshops on How to Use Video effectively.

Designing Visuals for Deeper Learning Competency (Effective Visual Design of PowerPoint):

- Critiques, Consulting, Web Conferencing Workshops which includes self-directed Pre-work, and In-person Workshops on effective visual design principles and strategies.

Using Multimedia for Effective Learning Competency:

- Consulting, Web Conferencing Workshops with self-directed Pre-work, and In-person Workshops on Multimedia.

Virtual Presentations and Facilitating Web Conferences:

- Coaching and Consulting, virtually or in-person.

Background Information

Diana L. Howles received her Master's degree from Colorado State University and her BA degree in Communication and Business Administration. She has more than 25 years of professional experience, and has trained trainers and taught teachers. She worked actively as voiceover talent and on-camera talent for many years. Her on-camera work includes media training projects, tv commericals, films, radio ads, modelling for retail, and various multimedia projects. Diana holds multiple certifications as a certified Master Trainer, Master Virtual Facilitator, and an Online Instructor. She is a Keynote Speaker and business owner. Diana lives in Dane County with her family and an adorable, although very high maintenance, dog. She is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences.

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