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Third Left Wellness cuts costs for businesses through reduced turnover, increased productivity, and increased diversity & inclusion. Third Left provides onsite mindfulness training so that employees are happier, healthier, more focused, less biased, and less stressed.

Ed Maxwell, the lead trainer, customizes coursework and consulting to suit any organization’s needs.


We offer mindfulness training at your organization. No special equipment is needed, just a conference room. Sessions are only a half hour once per week.

Each session begins with the scientific evidence for the benefits of what participants will do. Then the participants are guided in a mindfulness practice to achieve these benefits. Resources are then provided so employees can practice on their own before the next session so they maximize the benefits.

Mindfulness has many benefits, and the sessions can be customized toward areas of greatest need/interest for your organization. These benefits include building collaboration and teamwork, increasing diversity and inclusion, eating healthily, and more.

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Background Information

Ed Maxwell’s background in business, education, and mindfulness uniquely qualifies him to teach mindfulness to any audience. He taught for ten years as a classroom teacher before earning his MBA in corporate finance. Having been trained in mindfulness through the University of Massachusetts’ Medical School, he gave a TED talk called Mind Your Bias that explains how mindfulness can reduce our unconscious biases. He has combined his interests in business, education, and mindfulness by launching Third Left Wellness, a consulting firm that uses mindfulness to improve organizations.

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