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Hollie H. Hollister


  • Coaching & Personal Development
  • Organizational Development & Planning

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1108 Moline Street
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You'll find us collaborating shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them acquire and grow the relationship with their highest value customers.

H Cubed Group specializes in helping heart-based small business owners and solo entrepreneurs grow their businesses and themselves using our signature strategic marketing and operations coaching (all without stifling who they are or selling their souls). 

It’s personal AND it’s business™. We invite you to contact us to learn how you can realize exponential results by best fitting the Heart (passion), Head (planning) and Hands (doing) of your organization.


Our core service offerings fall within the below areas of expertise:

•Strategic thinking, planning and implementation

•Coaching and training

•Interactive presentations and meeting facilitation

Because we specialize in strategic marketing and operations coaching for heart-based small business owners and solo entrepreneurs, you’ll find that we aspire to transfer as much knowledge and skills as our clients and partners want to assume.

We invite you to contact us to explore the possibilities.

Background Information

As owner and founder of H Cubed Group, Hollie Hollister is dedicated to helping heart-based small business owners and solo entrepreneurs clarify and reach their dream(s) while making the most of their people, dollars and time.

Hollie’s relentless energy and creativity could be attributed to the joy she takes in actively collaborating with her clients to deliver results-driven marketing programs and services. She is engaged throughout each strategic or tactical step (ranging from high level strategic counsel and planning, creating tools and processes to build profitable marketing programs, to crafting the authentic telling of your business story). 

She has delivered training and interactive presentations that help entrepreneurs, executives and professionals research, evaluate and convert information into concrete actions that help them achieve their goals.

Specializing within the area of strategic marketing and operations, Hollie has over 18 years experience working with organizational groups across diverse industries within the private, government and social sectors, including Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to H Cubed Group, Hollie worked as a Marketing Services Manager for a Fortune 500 Company overseeing activities within marketing operations, marketing systems, marketing research and marketing communications.

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