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Roy Prestage


  • Engineering & Manufacturing Support
  • Marketing & Sales

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6 La Pointe Terrace
Madison, WI 53719 USA


608-347-1440 (mobile)

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    Assist manufacturing and distribution companies with:

  • Business planning, global strategic planning;
  • Marketing strategies to support strategic business planning;
  • Identification & establishment of business alliances and partnerships between North American, European, Central American and Asian based companies;
  • Assistance to North American and Asian companies in penetrating global markets;
  • Product line extensions and new product development;
  • Global outsourcing - product tooling, manufacturing & services.    



  • Assist USA client companies in identifying, researching and negotiating partnership alliances with international companies to lower cost & expand into the international  market;
  • Assist off-shore client mold-making companies in establishing partnership alliances in North America;
  • Evaluate North American client companies' functions/operatios/services that can best be oursources vs. performed in-house to enhance their competitive market opportunities.
  • Assting USA companies in the development and sourcing for new products from US and off-shore manufacturers.

Background Information


  • Assisted US manufacturer of plastic injection molded and rubber molded parts for global oem and DIY markets to identify, research and establish allliance partners to: (1) cost justify and speed their time-to-market for new products; (2)expand their market penetration in both the US and fast-growth international markets; (3) establish sources for low-cost, high-quality component manufacturing to improve  their competitive position in the global market.
  • Assisting US building developer in sourcing building components such as granite kitchen and bath counter tops, stainless steel sinks, etc from China to lower their construction cost of new housing developments in USA.
  • Assting USA companies in the development and sourcing for new products from US and off-shore manufacturers.

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