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Glenn Szejna


  • Engineering & Manufacturing Support
  • Specialized Consultants

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1234 Scenic Ridge Dr
Verona, WI 53593



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Help your company with software design and development.

  • Embedded systems microprocessor software design and development.
  • PC-compatible computer programming and software development. 
  • Instrumentation and measurement software. 
  • Project planning, estimates, and photo-documentation.


Utilizing over 20 years of software and hardware experience.

  • Develop software at both the applications level and the systems level.
  • Help your staff with additional outside perspectives on its software development techniques.
  • Help your staff debug newly developed software.
  • Help debug newly prototyped hardware.
  • Help your staff get the first layer of software operational on newly prototyped or unfamiliar hardware.
  • Help your staff get the first layer of software operational on new or unfamiliar hardware. I still regularly use hardware tools such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and other measurement equipment to debug software. se9 

Work together with your team.

  • Off-load tasks from your senior people.
  • Help your people get started on a large project or an "I don't know where to start" project.

Background Information

Types of Clients

  • Electronic Manufacturing Companies.
  • Medical Electronics Companies.
  • Electronic Instrumentation Companies.
  • Research/Development Laboratories.
  • Any company with a one-time or on-going need for Software Development and/or Electrical Engineering Tasks.

Mr. Glenn Szejna
President, BSEE, MSEE
Advanced-Tek Corp.

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